Sleep Talking with Jools Oliver….

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This week I am ‘Sleep Talking with…’ the amazing Jools Oliver!

Jools is a busy mum to five kids, Poppy Honey, 18, Daisy Boo, 17, Petal Blossom, 11, and Buddy Bear, nine, as well as three-year-old River Rocket.   She is wife to TV chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver.

I first spoke to Jools over a year ago when she was having challenges with Rivers sleep.  The family moved from sleep perfection to chaos overnight, when River found out that he could climb out of his cot and into their bed!

I wanted to touch base with her to see how things are a year on.  We talked about how River Rocket is living up to his name, and how being the youngest of 5 has shaped his personality!

We also discussed hormones, technology and trying to keep your kids happy and well rested during the lockdown.

Check it out today!

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