Sleep Talking with Jenni Dunman – Daisy First Aid

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This week I am Sleep Talking with Jenni Dunman of Daisy First Aid.  

Prior to creating her business, Jenni was a police officer in London and experienced a vast number of real first aid emergencies including treating casualties at Edgware Road tube station during its bombing in 2005. 
In 2014 Jenni (mum of 3 to Daisy aged 12, Lottie 10 and Benny 7) was sitting in a coffee shop chatting with a friend when her friend’s daughter choked on a cookie, being an advanced first aider, Jenni knew just what to do. She quickly stepped in and successfully removed the blockage and the little girl recovered perfectly.
It was this moment that she realised then that first aid was not something regularly offered to new parents.

Jenni felt she wanted to educate parents in a way that made them feel happy, confident and empowered rather than terrified and intimidated…. And so Daisy First Aid was born 

Jenni has grown her business from table top to a multi-award winning company in just 4 years.  She is now considered a paediatric first aid expert.  She has featured in numerous publications, has a huge celebrity parents portfolio and volunteers her time at many national charity events.

It was such a pleasure to talk with her for this episode of Sleep Talking, check it out now!

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