Sleep Talking with Gina – The Honest Parent.

sleep talking with the sleep nanny podcast picture

This week on ‘Sleep Talking with…’  I am talking with Gina aka The Honest Parent (@thehonestparentuk).  A former client of mine, Gina shows all sides of parenting and not just the glossy insta-worthy side of being a new mum!

Mum of three boys aged 6 years, 4 years & 8 months, I first met Gina when she reached out to me for help with her eldest sons sleep almost six years ago.  Her sleep training journey started there, and she has taken it through with all three of her children!

We chat about trusting your motherly instincts, how your child’s personality can affect sleep, the dreaded parenting guilt and of course, I am giving tips and advice along the way!


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