Sleep Talking with…Emma Lambert

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This week I am Sleep Talking with Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant and mum of 2, Emma Lambert. We discuss her journey into becoming a sleep consultant, the joys and challenges of running her own successful business and how it feels when tired parents get their babies sleeping!

Experiencing extreme sleep deprivation and reaching out for help first hand, Emma wanted to pay it forward and share her knowledge to save other families from going through the same pain!

Emma reflects on the work:life juggle, and is enjoying being able to be around for her boys, having flexibility whilst also having a rewarding career.  She gets a buzz from being in control of her own day, and can feel the stress that has been lifted by making a move out of the corporate world with this new career direction.

The most rewarding element of her new career is being able to help people come back from extreme sleep deprivation and witnessing the life changing effects of this.  She loves educating and coaching parents, and imparting knowledge too.

Recognising her weaknesses and working through them have been key to Emma’s success.  She believes that by getting the big things done the little things will sort themselves out is key to a good day, and quashing impostor syndrome by having a mentor and coach to help lay the foundations of her new business.

Emma had a super successful first year as a Sleep Consultant which she puts down to her focus, planning and being clear on her direction and goals.  She was realistic about the challenges and used structure and consistency in order to overcome these, analysing all the time.

Emma continues to focus on her goals and wins, and being financially independent so she can treat and reward herself and her family!

What are your child’s current sleep challenges? Book in a complimentary call today with Emma by either email or call Emma 07568 490457.  Alternatively check out Emma’s Facebook page, or website.

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