Sleep deprivation is huge health concern says NHS

BBC news have shared a story about the huge impact sleep deprivation is having on peoples health and how reported child sleep disorders have tripled in the past 10 years, costing the NHS £40 Billion per year!

It is revealed that 92% of these cases are behavioural, not medical and could therefore be solved without putting any strain or cost on the NHS. This would also drastically reduce the number of children being treated unnecessarily with medication.

Read the full story here.

Recently a mother contacted me for help with her second child. Her first child had also had sleep difficulties which were addressed through the NHS and, after they had exhausted their resources, they concluded that the next option was medication.

This mother was not happy to medicate her child and took the matter into her own hands. She solved the sleep challenges using behavioural techniques and now has a happy little sleeper.

A mother determined to help her family stay healthy and get the sleep they need, she now takes the initiative to help her second child, whilst recognising that they are all different and she needs to figure out the best approach for child number 2.

This huge rise in reported sleep disorders in children comes as no surprise when you look at the changes in culture, society and technology over the past 10 years. Also these are just the reported cases. Many thousands more families are suffering without telling anyone!

A whopping 92% of these cases can be solved by services such as those we offer here at The Sleep Nanny and we feel it is so important for families to realise that we address behavioural sleep disorders with the most compassionate, responsive and secure attachment focussed approaches.

There is no need to let a child cry it out or go through any distressing and upsetting process to achieve good sleep.

If we do not begin to recognise the seriousness of this problem, the effects will continue to increase. It really need not that way!

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