Sleep Consultant Training – How Vickie Turned into a Sleep Nanny

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This week I am ‘sleep talking with’ Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant, Vickie Gordon.  

Vickie is mum to Emily and Harry, 5 year old twins, and has been a professional nanny for 21  years. In this episode of Sleep Talking, Vickie shares with us what motivated her to become a sleep consultant and how she has juggled building her own business alongside nannying AND raising her twins.

During her career as a nanny, Vickie has witnessed many sleep challenges. In the beginning she would be totally led by the parents regarding sleep and if the baby was rocked to sleep, she would rock baby to sleep. But like with any job, she gradually grew in confidence and experience and would suggest different ideas to parents.

Sleep has always intrigued Vickie and she was fascinated by how families could let themselves get to such desperate sleep situations. So adding sleep consulting expertise to her CV was a really valuable string to her bow.  Whilst she doesn’t lead with the fact that she is a sleep consultant when meeting new families to nanny for, she definitely makes sure she mentions it somewhere as it gives her the edge!  Families appreciate that she has a good understanding of the science behind sleep and can help improve their situations. Alongside this, Vickie works with clients exclusively on sleep as well and she loves every minute.

We talked about how Vickie has found sleep consulting in 2020 and she has felt it has been a good year business wise.  She has found that parents have been really dedicated and motivated to get things sorted.  She puts this down to both parents being at home during the lock downs.  In the past, it may have been just mum or dad at home experiencing the effects of disrupted sleep and an overtired child but now often they have both had a taste of what its like to deal with a sleep deprived child day and night! 

Working from home during the lock-downs has meant that Vickie had to be super organised and be 2 or 3 steps ahead of the game rather than 1!  This helped Vickie get into a rhythm with working from home, being mum, and home schooling.

The thing that Vickie loves most about sleep consulting is the end result, seeing the families lives change once they have the rest they need!  It’s about looking at each family’s circumstances and seeing how she can transform things and looking at the individual families goals, who often can’t even believe that they can get there, but they do!!

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