Sleep Consultant Training – How Helen Did It!

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Today I am ‘Sleep talking with…’ Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant Helen Farmer.

Helen has been running her sleep consulting business for well over a year now. She is a Mum of four beautiful children, three boys and a little girl, aged 10, 6, 5 and 2 and a half years old.

When she had her boys Helen wasn’t aware of sleep training or consulting, they all had sleep challenges that, at the time they just got on with.  However, as a family they placed a lot of value on sleep, despite not always getting that much!

Her youngest presented sleep challenges from the start, Helen was feeding her all through the night all the while trying to protect the boys sleep.  She looks back now and can see it really was a one woman show.  A middle of the night ‘Google’ made her aware of sleep training and The Sleep Nanny® brand and she felt like the training was for her!

The added bonus was that she had an ongoing active case study with her own daughter!

The first 6 months of running her own business was challenging. Helen was working in a 9-5 job as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist whilst trying to set up a business, and all the while being mum.  Helen was frustrated as there was a lot of interest in her services but she wasn’t always able to contact her sleep clients whilst juggling mum life and an ‘office job’.

So she took the leap and focused fully on her sleep consulting business – She has no regrets and has given it everything!

Helen’s family is now feeling the benefits from the career change as she can work around her kids and is able to do school runs and other family commitments.  If it’s a particularly busy family day, Helen can keep it clear and feels she can juggle it all now. It’s busy but in a really different and better way.

Being at home and being mum is a really important and busy job for Helen but her business has given her something for herself, for her career, to be able to develop herself but be present for her family too. Right now is a particularly busy for Helen as she is finding that many families are using the lock down to address sleep issues or challenges.

The real buzz she gets is when she has a conversation with a prospective new client who is often in a bad way.  She loves guiding them from this place of broken sleep, where it’s affecting the child’s personality and behaviour or the parents mental health/relationships to transforming their sleep and lives.

The ripples of the changes throughout the family is so rewarding to witness.

Helen’s ultimate goal is to keep building and growing her business and to keep stepping outside her comfort zone.  She has no regrets on where she is at the minute and is excited about what the future brings!

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing Helen’s story (either on the YouTube channel or the podcast version)

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