Sleep Coaching Is For Parents, Not Babies!

Did you know that sleep coaching is actually for parents not little ones?

I’m going to explain to you how sleep coaching is actually all about educating and empowering parents and giving them strategies so that they can help to guide and support their little ones to be the best sleeper that they can be. So let’s delve in!

First of all, I just want to say that it’s not the child that’s doing anything wrong. No baby or child is doing any wrong with their sleep. They’re just doing the best that they know HOW. And it isn’t something they’re born just knowing how to do. It takes practice like anything.

So when people have a sleep coach or they work on some sleep training what they’re actually doing is adopting a parenting strategy and a parenting style to get the best from that little one’s sleep. In exactly the same way when you take a conscious approach to showing your little one how to use the potty or teaching them how to ride a bike. You’re always showing them how to do something. You’re guiding them. You’re giving them the tools and the encouragement, and the support to help them until they’re really good at it and they can manage to do it by themselves. And sleep coaching is no different.

You don’t really sleep coach a child. A sleep consultant will coach the parents. So when it comes to parenting – knowledge really is power. And as parents, we’re not supposed to be the experts at everything. We don’t carry out every activity of expertise for our children. They don’t come with a manual. It’s just not the job we’re supposed to take on. But we’re supposed to support and guide them. We’re supposed to parent them. So the knowledge and understanding about little one sleep and how it works and how it changes with every developmental leap and every stage and age is really powerful.

Understanding how you can use that information – the psychology, the biology, the physiology, and being able to use strategies to get the very best from your child’s sleep is so empowering.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that every parent needs to go and study to become an absolute scientific genius when it comes to understanding sleep. That’s the whole point of having a sleep coach or a sleep consultant. They’ve done that work and they understand it and they’ll share with you just the highlights. The bits you need to know, the bits that you need to understand, and the strategy that’s going to be right for your individual child. Because what works really well for one is totally the wrong option for another.

So having that knowledge is great but it also means that you’ll see lasting results from your child’s sleep. Because if somebody were to come in and stay for three nights and they put your little one to bed, and they get them settled in a really nice way, you might think “Woohoo! Somebody just came and sleep trained my child.” No. They respond differently to different people. So that was just a band-aid being put over the problem. Because when they go away you’ll be stuck in the same old situation.

Understanding what routines, what patterns, and what responses you need to implement in order to connect in the right way with your little one is very important and it will help you to parent them in the right way for their unique personality traits. That’s when you get a perfect routine that sticks and that you get those lasting results because you understand your own little one.

They always change. They go through so many different masterings and developments. You have to understand them enough that you can stay on track as they grow and as they evolve.

So sleep coaching isn’t for children it’s for parents. It’s a form of parenting to get the best from little one’s sleep and of course your sleep too.

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