Sleep And Immunity: How To Boost & Improve Your Immune System With Sleep

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Sleep helps us to restore ourselves physically. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been advised to rest when we’re unwell. We replenish our fighter cells. And so this is like building up and strengthening our little inner army so that they are ready to fight when we need them.

Sleep has been shown to improve the effectiveness of our immune response, in particular our immune system’s memory. So this means it’s more likely to be able to recognize and then quickly respond to any dangerous or unwanted cells in the body when they appear.

Infection-fighting antibodies are released during sleep and more so if there is illness or stress present. So by not getting enough sleep actually means that you’re hindering this production and release of these amazing antibodies that are actually going to work to help you. And stress hormones actually dip during sleep, which means a reduction in those harmful outcomes that we all know come from stress.

We typically look to nutrition, to what we eat and what we drink to get all the healthy vitamins and minerals that we know our body needs and that we believe are going to help our immune system and our wellbeing all around, but too many people don’t think about sleep.

And actually, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of sleep on our immune systems because it’s huge. And yes, let’s eat well. Yes, the nutrition is so, so, so important. I’m a huge advocate for all of the health benefits.

But what if just by getting a healthy amount of sleep consistently every night it can improve our immune system. It isn’t that difficult. It’s just looking at what’s stopping you, what are the blockers, overcoming them, and then getting that healthy sleep and all those things it can do for you.

Now we help parents with their children’s sleep, but in helping the children sleep it helps the parent sleep. So the benefits are for the whole family.

You as the parent are going to get that healthy sleep you need for your immune system and your health and your wellbeing, but also you’re setting your child up for a really healthy future. You’re helping them build all those cells up and providing all the best for their immune system too.

I know children who just through having good nutrition and healthy sleep are rarely ever sick because they’re strong. And if they do get unwell, it’s over really quickly. So do the best for yourself and for your child. Prioritize sleep and look after your immune system.

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