Skeptical Dads

Sleep Coach Skeptic?

You are probably reading this because your wife or your girlfriend or partner has thrust this in front of your eyes or sent you a link and pleaded that you read it?

How do I know this? Because I was once in your exact shoes and having the same thoughts you are…

‘A sleep what?’ ‘Is that even a real profession?’ and ‘how much?!!’ are just a few of the phrases that came out of my mouth when my wife brought this to my attention.

I am a dad to two and our eldest started out as an excellent sleeper but later became very challenging. He would have us up at all hours at night and he liked to start his day early! It was exhausting for both of us. In fairness to my wife, she took the lead, read books and trawled the internet for answers. Each time she heard of someone else’s success with their child, she would try the same book or system and I supported her decisions and helped where I could.

Nothing seemed to work and my boy just would not sleep like he used to. My wife had read something about a sleep consultant and I thought, sure why not but when she said how much it cost I did raise an eyebrow. I was skeptical and reluctant to spend money on someone telling us the same things my wife had already learnt from her extensive reading and research.

Due to maternity leave, we noticed that often the mums take the lion’s share of getting up in the night and dealing with the baby but we were both working, running our own business. We have always been a team and she did not let me off the hook on this one. She made sure I felt the pain as much as her and suffered the sleep deprivation too. So to all you Dads out there who get out of those duties because you have to go to work in the morning, I assure you, you are you getting off lightly!

We reached the point where I said to my wife, ‘you need to call that sleep coach as we cannot go on like this’. She set it all up and when the consultation day arrived, I’d had such a rough night that I admitted I’d pay triple to make this stop! I could have hugged the lady when she arrived at our door.

She came to consult, she showed us where we were going wrong. Interestingly some things were counter intuitive, we thought they were helping to get him to sleep, but actually that’s what was waking him up in the night. She prepared a plan for us that was pretty simple to follow. There was an instant improvement, he had been getting up at 5am, within a week it was 6am and after 2 weeks he was sleeping in until 7am, a luxury!

My wife took the lead and when she had any questions, she was able to get answers from the coach right away which meant the two of us didn’t spend ages debating it. The support was excellent. We got results straight away and they stuck.

So to any fellow skeptical dads reading this…

For the price of a good night away with your partner (which, oh yeah, you can’t do because you can’t get a willing overnight babysitter!), getting your family’s sleep sorted out will be worth every penny and more. My only regret is, I wish we’d done it sooner.

Tired mummy

5 Reasons To Hire A Sleep Coach:

  1. Fantastic Investment:

Your family’s health and happiness must be your top priority? Sleep is vital to our well-being and to our children’s development. A good night’s sleep sets you up for a happier, more efficient and successful day and enables you to enjoy cuter babies, more playful children and a more relaxed and very grateful wife!

2. Unparalleled support:

Not only does a sleep coach bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, she also supports the whole process, making your partner feel more in control, more confident and a lot less stressed. She will be able to stop reading every book on the shelf and asking your opinion because she will have the right answers for your family at her fingertips with a sleep coach who knows your situation.

3. Your partner’s sanity

I’m sure your partner sent you this link because she is more keen on the idea of getting some help than you are? It is likely that she really feels that she needs the help but wants you to be on board with it too. A sleep disturbed home will take it’s toll on you too but, the chances are, the challenges are having a bigger impact on your partner which is why she is looking for help.

4. Sleep Coaches are Trained Professionals:

When you first heard the term ‘sleep coach’, I am sure you wondered if that was a real thing. It is huge in Canada and the US and now growing in the UK and Australia too as well as many other countries in the world. Yes, it is a relatively new profession and this help wasn’t around in our parents’ day but the help is there now so don’t suffer, use it! A sleep coach is highly trained, tested and professional bringing specialised knowledge and support that you cannot find anywhere else.

5.  A Good Night’s Sleep!

How would it feel to see your whole household get a good night’s sleep? Wouldn’t you love to know that you and your family can sleep soundly through every night because you know how to handle any tricks your child might try as he gets older? If your partner is returning to work and worried about not sleeping enough to handle a working day, this could be the gift she wants more than anything.

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