Settling Nicely At Bedtime But Waking During The Night

Bedtime is a breeze, no problems, no fuss, just a goodnight kiss and off to sleep. BUT, then come the night wakings!

How is it that my child will settle to sleep beautifully at bedtime but cannot get back to sleep when she wakes in the night?

That is a question we hear a LOT and the good news is, there is often a fairly simply answer…

When we explore in more depth, we often find that the child is one or more of the following:
– Overtired which causes increased night wakings
– Falling asleep in 5 minutes or less at bedtime
– Not taking enough sleep during the day
– Awake for too long between nap and bedtime
– Using a dummy, a feed or similar object to resettle each waking
– Going into bed or cot already asleep

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