Pick Up Put Down Method

Maybe you’ve heard this term or even tried it but what is it and how does it work?

I’m going to answer 4 common questions about this method to help you determine whether or not it’s for you…

What is Pick-up Put-down?

It is quite as it sounds in that, when your baby is fussing you pick her up, you soothe and calm her and then place her back down again while she is still awake and aware of going down. Then you repeat this over and over as needed until your baby is setting in her sleep space.

How is it effective?

It allows a baby little exposures to her sleep space and the sensation of falling asleep there rather than always falling asleep on someone. At the same time, the picking up and reassurance lets baby know that you are still there, you are responding and you ‘always return’. Your baby gets a little taste of her own sleep environment with the security of your closeness with the physical contact becoming a little more intermittent rather than a constant hold.

At what age is it no longer appropriate?

It is most effective in the first 6 months as a practice and in the remainder of the first 12 months as a calming technique. You can always use a modified approach of picking up to calm well into early childhood.

Is it right for your baby?

As a sleep shaping practice in the early months, it is suitable for most but as we pass the 4-6 month mark and they become a lot more aware it may just be too stimulating and become ‘fussing’ as opposed to soothing to your baby. At this point, less is more!I hope this has been helpful for you and I hope that it clears up and give you a better understanding on self soothing and self settling, why it’s important, and how you can actually go about implementing some of that.

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