Night Weaning

It’s difficult to know when a baby is ready for night weaning as it differs greatly from child to child.

To help you with this challenging phase, let’s explore it step by step…

Is your baby ready?

Not every night waking is due to hunger so the first step is to determine when your baby is hungry and when your baby is just waking and needing some assistance to get back to sleep.

Choose an approach

If you chop and change your response to wakings you’ll confuse your baby so let’s select an approach that is suitable for you and your baby and stick to it.

Ready for no more feeding at night?

If this is the case then a consistent response to each and every waking is imperative, no matter how long it takes! Your little one will adapt faster than you think and your consistency will actually promote a healthy sense of security.

Still need to feed?

If there is still the need for a night feed, let’s get clear on when and how it will happen so that you can respond with consistency to all other night wakings.

For a handy reminder at your fingertips, I’ve created a printable Quick-Guide for you.

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