Night Feeding Baby – Right Way to Night Wean 2021

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When is your baby ready to stop having milk in the night? Is it something he or she WANTS or actually NEEDS? If it is time for night feeding to stop, how can you go about this when your little one screams until they get it? – All of this is answered for you in this episode of The Sleep Nanny Show.

It took an outside expert opinion to give me the courage to stop giving my baby milk in the night. Sometimes we can’t see things so clearly when we are ‘in’ it but a professional can ask the right questions to determine the best steps we can take.

It turned out, my baby was just fussing and didn’t need any milk. She didn’t need anything, she was just transitioning from sleep cycle to another and was new to this at 3 months of age. Giving her some space to work on it while keeping a close eye on her nearby was the best thing I could do and, sure enough, after a few nights, she’d mastered it and could resettle!

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