Lack of Experience – Can You Run a Successful Business with No Experience?

Most moms think that they can’t succeed in business because they lack experience. They have a great idea, but that’s where it stays, an idea, because they think they need to know all about business to make it a success. But if experience was necessary to be successful, then why are there countless high school dropouts and people who never went to university who have become billionaires? People like Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, Simon Cowell, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. None of these billionaires needed a degree to achieve massive business success.

Well, it’s because success isn’t derived from credentials, experience, or other fluff. It’s based solely on the character.

Being a mom is one of the most character-building journeys and if you’re a mom or work closely with moms, you’ll totally know what I mean.

You learn to become everything from the carer to the cleaner, from cook to the administrator. You are a referee, a taxi driver, an accountant, and an expert in messy play. Yes, it’s just like being an entrepreneur. And that’s why moms make the best entrepreneurs because they’ve already had excellent training and developed the character traits for success.

It’s incredibly rewarding being a parent. But what if you have a lot of ideas and dreams and your potential is screaming at you from within to do what you were meant to do with your gifts in this life?

What if you could unleash that? And in the process, as a role model, you’d teach your children how to take control of life. And that they can become anything they set their minds to.

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