I’ve tried everything and nothing works!

We hear this a lot! As a parent it’s not unusual to think ‘maybe I’ve got a unique child and we’ll have to
just put up with this.’ You’ve probably tried lots of things, most people think this is them.

Take a moment to consider this…

How Long Did You Try One Thing For?
You may have tried for a couple of hours, a couple of days, maybe even a handful of nights. But if you
don’t get fast results you may give up. How about sticking with an approach for a week, maybe even 10
days and see what results you get.

How Consistent Are You?
Did you sometimes see it through, but not every time? Not being consistent in your approach can give
mixed messages. We almost always find when we dig a little deeper that inconsistency is more often
than not the issue.

We understand sticking to something can be tricky when you are tired and sleep deprived, which is where an outside pair of eyes can be helpful.

When parents say they’ve tried ‘everything’, one of those things is bound to be the perfect thing for your
baby. Chances are you have already touched upon the ideal approach, it’s just that a few tweaks may
be needed to see results.

So, find the right approach for you and be consistent with it. Don’t give up, don’t write it off after a
couple of days. The right thing is out there for you. We can help you unpick, investigate and achieve

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