It Starts With Sleep

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Your child is leaning so much every day but did you know, without healthy, deep sleep, there is a significant decrease in the brain’s ability to transfer new information into memory?
You and your child need to protect your immune systems and, during sleep, our natural killer cells set to work to fight anything unwanted or dangerous. They are so powerful they will attack cancerous tumours! Going without enough quality, deep sleep means going without this army of cells fighting to keep you healthy. This is why those who don’t sleep well are prone to more frequent illness.
But it doesn’t stop there. Lack of healthy sleep is linked to serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
You’ve probably noticed how you just can’t function at your best when you’re really tired. 70% of employees are overtired and this costs US companies around $400 billion a year in lost productivity!
This tells us just how much more successful we can be in every way when we’re getting enough healthy sleep and so many adults have difficulty sleeping because of a lack of ‘sleep hygiene’ in childhood.
It’s my mission to raise parent awareness of this crucial superpower that you can give to your children. It’s not about old fashioned ideas of teaching kids to sleep by leaving them alone to cry it out. It’s about healthy practices to form suitable sleep rhythms and set little ones up for the best life possible.
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