IMPOSTER SYNDROME Explained | How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Most mums believe that they don’t have what it takes to start their own business because they aren’t good enough… or that their potential clients wouldn’t see them as the authority figure. And I get it, when I started my business, I used to have the same fears and beliefs myself.

But let me ask you a question… Which is the most powerful place to operate from? Being consumed in fear and insecurities that keep you trapped in a life where you know you can do more? Or proving to yourself that you’re far more capable than you currently think by creating your own business?

Obviously the latter, right?

JK Rowling wouldn’t have become the author of the best selling book series in history if she had listened to those same exact doubts in herself that you currently face.

JK was a single mum, depressed and penniless. She’d faced the bereavement of her mother and been through a divorce before escaping her reality by writing her books. She would write in cafes while her baby napped and when her first attempts at getting published were met with multiple rejections, she didn’t give up.

But what do you think would’ve happened if she’d let her fear dictate her actions? If she’d chosen to believe that she wasn’t good enough?
Well, she would still be penniless, struggling, depressed and wondering what might have been.

So do you want to become empowered, live a meaningful life and be a role model for your children, like JK Rowling? Or would you rather live a complacent life where you’re full of doubt, fear and regrets?

The choice is yours…

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JK Rowling overcame some big challenges in life and this grew her strength to become the billionairess-mum she is today. You’ve faced more adversity in the past few years than you probably realise, you’ve overcome huge challenges and NOW is the best time in history to get your own business established – you have everything it takes!