How To Stay Fit & Healthy As A Busy Mum

Looking after your health and fitness can be a challenge for anyone but it can be especially difficult when you are a busy parent with little time to spare and little energy at the best of times.

We can find ourselves grabbing ‘quick food’ that gives us short bursts of energy and crashes soon after. The viscous cycle of fatigue preventing us form exercising to lack of exercise causing more fatigue, can be a tough cycle to break out of.

To get some help, we interviewed author and creator of The Fit Mum Formula, Polly Hale and we asked her…

1. A busy mum struggles to find the time or energy to exercise – what can we do to make it work?

2. When we are tired we make unwise food choices which often ultimately lead to more fatigue. How can we eat healthily when it’s often in a hurry or on the go with little time for preparation?

3. For a working mum time is even more scarce. It’s kids, work, kids, sleep with little room for much else. How can a busy mum structure her time to allow for self-care?

4. What exercise regimes do you recommend for someone with restricted time?

5. Any other wise words to share on how we can stay in shape, feel super healthy and not feel like we are depriving ourselves?

Answers to all this and more, right here in this weeks’ episode:

The Fit Mum Formula: