How To Get Clients As A Sleep Consultant? (Sleep Consultant Advice)

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As with any business, you can have the most genius idea, you can have the best service or product, you can have the most effective way of delivering it, but if you can’t get that message out there to your ideal client, to your ideal audience, then you’ll have no customers. And that goes for any kind of business.

Now actually a brick and mortar business has an even bigger challenge because they are geographically somewhat restricted, and sometimes that relies on footfall and the place, the location, where that place is, where that business is. But with online businesses, you literally have the entire planet as your potential audience.

So how does a sleep consultant get clients? Much like any business, all marketing is, is getting the right message to the right person at the right time. For a sleep consultant, for instance, it’s about making sure your messaging is on point, that it isn’t you trying to be somebody else, or you spurting out somebody else’s words or theories or philosophies or methods or approaches.

That it’s you being you, sharing what you can do to solve that person’s problem, and to make life better for them. And if you get that messaging clear and you get that messaging right, you’re going to then attract the right person.

You’re going to attract your optimal ideal clients into your world, and that’s when they start to feel like they know you, they get to like you, they get to trust you because your messaging is talking to them, and it’s letting them feel that, “Oh my God, yes. Oh my gosh, she’s talking to me. Oh my God, she gets me.”

But that’s about the messaging being on point to the right audience. If they feel that way, they’re more likely to then want to take action and to explore what you actually do to help them and to solve that problem, and that’s when you then can build that relationship and help them and take them to the next level as they become your customer or your client.

Now the mistake a lot of people make, or one of the biggest ones, is that they waste so much time on social media, creating pointless content. You need to make sure that anything you put out there is purposeful and that it actually is serving. It’s got to talk to your ideal audience, and it’s got to show them where to go.

It’s really important not to waste your time on things that you think just, well, everyone else is doing it. So? How successful are they actually, behind the scenes? So don’t get caught up in that comparison thing. They’re doing it, so I probably should do it. Why, why should you do it? Is it right for you? Because not every way is right for everyone.

I do video content. That doesn’t mean you should, it doesn’t mean you have to, it doesn’t mean everyone needs to, you don’t need a massive following or a huge audience.

And we have people who come through our academy, they are not tech savvy, they don’t even know how to use social media and they don’t know how they’re going to get their message out there, but we teach them how, because you don’t need any of that to get started at all.

You just need the right message, you need to put it in front of the right person and know, where are they? Know where to find them so that you can target them, put your message in front of them, and show them how you can change their life. And that’s all it really takes.

So how do sleep consultants get clients? By following this kind of process, by knowing their message, by knowing their audience, and by getting that message to them.


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