How To Enjoy Your First Valentine’s Day As A New Or Expectant Parent

Before babies Valentine’s day might have involved a romantic dinner, wine and chocolates. Maybe a cinema trip or a theatre show! So how might you acknowledge this occasion and show your love for one another when you have a baby at home or you’re expecting your first?

Firstly, let’s just recognise that having a baby or one on the way is something to celebrate and is likely a huge symbol of your love! And you can still make a little time for romance too…

Here are my 5 steps to enjoying Valentine’s whether at home or out for the evening:

If you’re staying at home:

1. Plan ahead regarding dinner. Who will make it or will you order in?
2. Pregnant or not drinking alcohol? No worries, there are so many tasteful non-alcoholic beverages
available these days. Choose something delicious and enjoy it from a wine glass!
3. Candles, nice music and a calm atmosphere are a big treat when you have young babies around so
make the most of creating an atmosphere that’s special.
4. Can you time dinner right so that you won’t be disturbed by feeding time for baby? Grab that window!
5. For afters: Treat your loved one to a nice massage or perhaps take turns for a little extra indulgence and

Got a babysitter or expecting your first baby and heading out for the evening?

1. Restaurants with exclusive Valentine’s reservations can be quite dull and boring, especially if everyone
feels forced to be romantic and you’re surrounded by newly dating couples! Opt for something that suits
your style.
2. If you’d rather not be forced into a romanic dinner setting, try a movie or a show. Remember to plan
ahead and get your tickets.
3. It feels good to dress up for an occasion so take some time to choose an outfit that you feel good in,
perhaps take a little more time with make-up and hair and even do your nails! If you’re a new mum, it
may have been a while!
4. If you have a baby who will need feeding while you are out, express in advance or leave instructions for
feeding with your babysitter so you can relax and not have to keep one eye on the time.
5. Are you ‘on duty’ in the night or first thing when your baby wakes up? Bear this in mind and if you don’t
have someone to ‘cover you’, make sure you get enough rest and feel fit and ready for your ‘mummy/
daddy’ role.

Whether you’re the kind of person who does lavish gifts and makes a big deal of this day or you simply share a card and a kiss, you can make Valentine’s work with a baby or a bump in your life. Just pre-plan and don’t be afraid to take a little time to focus on your romantic relationship – It’s just as beneficial for your child!

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