How To Conquer Nap Training

Nap training is hard work. Unless your baby is falling asleep by motion or being rocked or fed to sleep, the chances are, he isn’t too keen on being placed down for a sleep awake during the day.

This can lead to nap time battles, over tired children and often poor night sleep as a result. Many parents use the pushchair or a trip out in the car as a means to get a hassle free nap from their little ones – which is fine if you are prepared to continue that way until age three to three and a half years.

The ability to settle to sleep typically takes shape at night first and then they improve at settling for naps in the day.

In this episode, we explore 5 ways you can conquer that task of nap training and reap the benefits of a better rested, happier and healthier child too!

Watch it here.

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