How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

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How much sleep your little one needs evolves all the time, with each phase of development.  When it comes to managing each transition, knowledge is most definitely power.

Whilst every baby or child is different, a vast majority will fit into the averages in our chart, so look at the range and take a moment to assess where your little one will fit to avoid a sleep deficit.

Difficulty settling at night, disturbed nights, and early rising are all consequences of a sleep shortage, but it’s also important to consider how much time elapses between each nap.    It’s a common misconception that our little ones will tell us when they are tired using cues such as eye rubbing and yawning.  Don’t be tempted to wait for these signs, as often it will be too late and can cause over-tiredness.

My advice is to have one eye on your baby and one eye on the clock and knowing your wakeful windows is key.

And remember, just because your  little one may not want to take a nap doesn’t mean that they don’t need a nap!

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