How Long Does Sleep Training Take?

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When people come to us for guidance and support with their little one’s sleep, they usually ask, how long will it take?

When we get clear on a suitable strategy to help a little to sleep soundly, you would think that so long as you’re consistent, the results will come but the truth is, all little ones learn and develop at different paces and some will test your ability to persevere for much longer than others!

Babies are always changing and growing and, just as we think we have them figured out, they do something new.  Also, some little ones are more easily malleable than others and some will keep throwing a new challenge in your direction!

What’s important is that you are equipped to navigate the twists and turns and have the confidence to stay the course.

We pride ourselves on helping parents and care-givers to condition their own minds for success and one of those factors is the ability to hold on, to keep going when most people might give up!

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