How I sleep trained my baby without any distress – A mother’s story

When I completed this sleep programme with Annette and Rudy, I was delighted to see the difference in them from when we had first spoken…

Rudy was waking frequently at night, needed to be fed to get back to sleep and wasn’t napping well either. His lack of sleep was not only impacting him and his development but also having a big effect on the whole family.

You don’t have to suffer on with sleep deprivation and all the negative effects this has on development,  health and family life. You also don’t have to endure any upsetting or distressing process to achieve healthy and happy sleep for your little one.

This transformation happened through lovingly responding and gently steering Rudy in the right direction with his sleep.

Rudy’s mum wrote this…

“Lucy and the Sleep Nanny method was recommended to me by a friend and it is absolutely worth every penny.

When our little boy hit the 4 month sleep regression, he was waking every 1-2 hours throughout the night and having 30 minute “disaster naps”. After a month or so of this, we were exhausted and in a low place.

I was feeding him back to sleep as it was the only thing that would work and he wasn’t needing the milk as he was over flowing.

Lucy gave me the confidence to find other ways to help him settle back to sleep without feeding him and within a night, he was sleeping longer, waking less, which made for a more content child.

It was a gentle and reassuring experience giving structure and confidence to the parents and the child. The follow up consultations are a great way of tweaking the tailored plan to ensure that the baby’s needs are fully met.

His naps stretched from 30 minutes to over an hour in just a few weeks. I cannot recommend Lucy enough.

We now have a content and rested child who is much happier in his self and parents that are not exhausted so we can enjoy him more.”

– Happy mum of Rudy aged 4 months

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