How do you do an ‘animated wake-up’ when siblings are sharing?

What is ‘animated wake up’? It is a technique used to show a child that it’s time to get up. It can also be
used to break the cycle of repeated behaviour, such as saying “Go back to sleep”. If a child is up and
down from bed numerous times, there comes a point where you need to break this.

If your child won’t settle back to sleep, don’t just pick them straight up. If you have entered the room,
step back outside for 60 seconds, then enter the room in ‘daytime mode’ by saying things like “Good
morning” and “It’s time to get up”. This gives the child ‘permission’ to now not be in bed rather than
experiencing you attempt to keep him in bed or go back to sleep and then give up and just get him up.

But what about when siblings share?
If you need to use animated wake up when siblings are in the same room, go into the room quietly, lead
the child out by the hand and take them into a lighter room and then begin ‘daytime mode’. Exiting the
room needs to be done swiftly, calmly and quietly so as not to disturb the other sleeping child.

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