Do Whatever Comes Naturally = Worst Parenting Advice?!

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Most parents think that they should listen to their instincts when it comes to parenting but that is the WORST thing you could do! I mean, if parenting was all based on instincts, then why are billions of dollars spent on books, therapies, sleep aids and classes? 

It’s because science is showing us there is a better way to raise our little ones so that they thrive in their development and we set them up for a brighter future with long term health benefits.

In fact, one specific mistake that proactive parents make when using their instincts is that they try tiring their child out in order to get them to sleep better at night! And I get it… it seems logical but it’s actually the WORST thing you can do for your child.

You see, when your little one is overtired they release more cortisol, the hormone associated with stress and it’s like adrenaline. They become wired and they find it harder to settle to sleep. 

It can cause bedtime battles, being awake multiple times in the night and waking super early for the day… which means you and your little one are both going to be more exhausted on a consistent basis!

So in this video, we’re going to dive deep into where you should NOT listen to your instincts when it comes to getting your little ones, high quality, rejuvenating sleep! 

So another mistake mums tend to make when trusting their instincts is when they instinctively cradle their new baby and rock them in their arms because it’s soothing for them and helps them to calmly lull off to sleep. That’s fine in the early weeks but it’s not sustainable long term. Soon enough it will stop working and you’ll need a new way to get your little one to sleep.

And that’s the thing with sleep. The best solutions are often counter-intuitive. So I want you to stop beating yourself for trying everything and still feeling at a loss as to how to get your little one to sleep because it’s not instinctive!

Sleep is a deeply complex and scientific topic. If it were easy, we would all know the answers by now but there are a huge number of nuances that make the solution unique for every person and circumstance.

In fact, after working with thousands of mums like you, we’ve come to learn the ins and outs of this fascinating subject and we put all of this in depth research into the Dream Maker sleep program which enables them to carefully craft the ideal approach and pathway to overcoming their little one’s sleep difficulties for the long term! 

You see, most sleep solutions are short lived. Little ones grow and change and a new challenge arises. With Dream Maker’s lifetime access and support, we’ve got you covered.

In fact, let me tell you about one of our clients…

Laura came to me for help because her son, Alfie, was waking at 5 a.m every morning. She was finding it impossible to get through her working day and was beginning to get sleepy behind the wheel when driving so she knew this couldn’t carry on. 

Laura felt like she’d tried everything. She limited his nap time, tried putting him to bed later in hope that he would wake later in the morning, she felt at a loss and at her wits end for what to do. 

What Laura was trying was instinctive, she was doing what came naturally to her as a mother and yet she had no idea it was making the problem much much worse! Once I showed Laura how Alfie was so over tired and that he actually needed more sleep in the day and earlier nights, we soon replenished his rest and he began to sleep through until 6.30a.m every day! 

Laura could start her days refreshed and ready to do a great job at work and be a great mum to Alfie who was far happier at nursery, eating better and managing to settle calmly at bedtime.

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