Bedtime Routine for Siblings

bedtime routine

Bedtime routine for siblings is our topic of focus for this week. When you’ve got more than one child and you are trying to juggle that bedtime routine and sometimes it just feels you are trying to do something for one and then you need to go to the other and then this one needs […]

Getting Twins to Sleep Well

Twins sleep

Our blog this week is all about twins and how we can get twins sleeping without disturbing each other and perhaps without tag teaming you as well. Have a read for my top tips for getting twins to sleep well. 1. Try to keep twins on the same schedule. Yes, you might have one that’s […]

Sibling Jealousy

Sibling Jealousy

If you have or are currently experiencing sibling jealousy between your children you know only too well how that can impact everything in day to day life, including a little one’s ability to sleep well. This week I’m sharing with you my top tips and tricks to help you to relieve some of that jealous […]

Siblings and Room Sharing

Siblings room

This weeks’ Blog is all about siblings and when they’re room sharing and the effect that that can have on your little one’s sleep including the all important; how you can make this work harmoniously and have siblings that share a room and sleep as well. The first thing I’m going to get you to […]

Why is my baby awake for hours at night

Awake at night

In this week’s blog we continue our series on night wakings, looking specifically at long periods where your baby is awake for hours at night, what causes it and how can we prevent it. What do we mean when we talk about long, wakeful periods in the night? Some little ones will go to sleep, […]

How can I teach my baby to self-soothe without crying?

Sleep onset

This week I want to look at one of the reasons that could be behind your little one’s night wakings, and that is sleep onset. I will explain what that is, what it means and how this could absolutely be the game-changing nugget of wisdom that resolves your little one’s sleep in a really, really […]

Baby Waking up at Night

Night Wakings

This week’s blog is a deep dive into the topic of responding to those night wakings. How can you best respond to them? Because the truth is, different wakings need a different response, and sometimes your response can be perfect and help your little one to get back to sleep quickly, and other times your […]

Parasomias and how to stop Night Terrors


There are so many different reasons for night wakings, but today we’re going to explore one particular thing that could be causing night wakings for your little one, and that is parasomnias. What on earth are they? In this week’s blog post I am going to explain exactly what they are, why they happen, how […]

Sleep Regression Signs

Sleep Regression Signs

Being overtired is so often the cause of sleep challenges for babies and young children. You’d think being tired would lead to sleep, but being too tired actually makes sleep worse. In this week’s blog we’ll be exploring why being overtired is causing your little one to wake at night and how to figure out […]

3 Year Old Sleep Regressions

3 YEAR OLD SLEEP REGRESSION. A QUESTION FROM A PARENT Hi. Our question is, Joe, who will be three shortly? Sometimes he is over tired during the day. Should we reintroduce his daytime nap, which we haven’t had since the beginning of the year or do we bring his bedtime forward? Because it’s very hard […]

4 Month Sleep Regression

The four-month sleep regression. Is it real? Well, this is tricky because yes, there are some things that go on in four and five months old, and it can often be seen or feel like there’s a regression. But I want to give you some thought points today. Things to think about that will help […]

Sleep Regressions

Babies and sleep regressions, the four-month sleep regression, the eight-month sleep regression, the 18-month sleep regression. How many are there? Are you wondering what to look out for with a sleep regression or how to get through one? What if I told you there was no such thing as a regression with sleep? I’ll explain […]