Sleep Tips For The Autumn Clock Change

clock change

Clock changes. Oh, they’re a pain, aren’t they? They can absolutely wreak havoc on our bodies and on our brains – even that one hour, it has an effect. I’m going to start off today by giving you the first approach that I recommend for handling this clock change so that we can try to […]

Baby Nap Extensions

Baby Nap Extensions

This blog is all about baby nap extensions. If you’re stuck with those 30 minute little cat naps, and you know it’s just not really working for your little one, then this is for you, I’m going to reveal how you can overcome that and extend those naps for quality sleep with your baby. So […]

How To Get A Child To Sleep More

sleep more

This blog series we are talking all about over tiredness and today we are going to be looking at solving that problem. If your child is overtired, it is key to be able to spot where the over-tiredness is coming from before you can start looking at ways to fix it, otherwise, you might be […]

My Baby Doesn’t Sleep Enough

doesn't sleep enough

In this blog, we are going to be addressing the fact that you’ve recognized that your baby doesn’t sleep enough, or your little one doesn’t sleep enough. So we’re going to find out why. Where is it in 24 hours that the lack of sleep is coming from? Because understanding this is key.  In the […]

Is My Child Overtired

overtired In this blog I will help you to establish whether or not your child is actually overtired and take you through the steps you can take to understand if your child is overtired and what you can do about that if that is the case. Is your child overtired, is your little one overtired, […]

Personality and Crying

Personality and Crying

We have been talking all about sleep and crying in the previous blog posts, this post is all about personality and crying. I’m going to give you some really key pointers on how to understand the effect of personality on crying and how you can best use that information to make for peaceful, happy days […]

Know Your Baby’s Cries

baby cries

In this blog I am talking all about understanding your baby’s cries. I’m going to share with you what the different cries are, what they mean, what they might look like, so that you can feel equipped and understand how you can best respond to those cries.  Let’s look at the different types of cries […]

Is Crying Harmful For Babies

Crying Harmful

In this blog, we continue our miniseries on crying, and I’m going to be answering the question, is crying harmful?  The first thing I’m going to do is try and answer this question, is crying harmful? In a word, no.  Crying in and of itself as an act of a thing that we do, crying […]

Infant Sleep And Crying

Infant Sleep And Crying

This blog will give you three key takeaways to help you understand infant sleep and crying, and particularly focusing on the responding that comes with that. First thing I want to share with you is an understanding of the difference between responding versus ignoring. Responding is when a response comes. Whether that be responding with […]

Impact On Parents When Babies Cry

Impact On Parents

In this blog, I am talking all about the impact on parents when babies cry. There are so many things about this, so I’m going to break this down for you. I’m going to give you three key pieces of information today that’s really going to help you understand that and why perhaps you feel […]

Travelling And Kids Sleep

Travelling And Kids Sleep

To conclude my little series on traveling with your little ones and maintaining the best sleep possible, this post is all about the return home. These tips are going to help you to get your little one’s sleep back on track and get them sleeping really nicely at home when you’ve returned from travel or […]

Vacation Sleep Tips For Kids

Vacation Sleep Tips

The last couple of blogs posts have been about travel with babies and children, in this miniseries I am sharing as much as I can with you to make the journey easier, to make your time away more enjoyable and so that sleep doesn’t just become a complete disaster. Next up is my sleep tips […]