The Sleep Business Conference, November 2023

It was an absolute pleasure to gather together to celebrate women with sleep businesses on Saturday 11th November, 2023. We travelled from all corners of the country to meet at Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5, and, wow, was it worth the journey! They say don’t let teachers gather socially or they’ll start talking shop… Well, I […]

The Ultimate Guide To Age Appropriate Bedtimes

child sleeping snuggled with a teddy bear

Ensuring our children get the right amount of sleep can sometimes feel like a puzzle with ever-shifting pieces. As they grow, their sleep needs evolve, and what worked last year – or sometimes even last month – might not be suitable today.  We all know that sleep is important, and it’s about more than just […]

How to deal with the ‘8 month sleep regression’

The journey of parenthood is filled with many delightful surprises, and understanding your baby’s sleep patterns can be both a joy and a challenge. Just when you feel you’ve become an expert at understanding their sleep patterns, usually right around the 8 month mark, something shifts. Suddenly, bedtime becomes a struggle. Sound familiar? Welcome to […]

Is It Possible To Sleep Train And Co-Sleep?

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You’re exploring sleep training, but you don’t want to stop co-sleeping. What are your options? Well, first of all, you need to ask yourself, “What is the outcome that you’re looking for? What do you want to achieve?” Because if you’re looking at sleep training, it means you want to somehow improve your little one’s […]

How To Make Your Baby Sleep Better – Separate Wants From Needs

separate wants from needs video thumbnail

I’ve got to ask you this…do you know the difference between your child’s wants and their needs? Because most parents don’t and it’s for this reason that they feed into their children’s WANTS which results in…doing things for a quiet life, giving in to tantrums and generally ignoring the real problem while actually making it […]

It Starts With Sleep

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Your child is leaning so much every day but did you know, without healthy, deep sleep, there is a significant decrease in the brain’s ability to transfer new information into memory? You and your child need to protect your immune systems and, during sleep, our natural killer cells set to work to fight anything unwanted […]

Bosses with Babies, Snoozeshade inventor Cara Sayer

cara sayer and baby holly

Welcome to my Bosses with Babies podcast series where I talk to entrepreneur mums who have built their successful business while raising little ones! This week I am talking to Cara Sayer, Inventor of the Snoozeshade and mum to 12 year old daughter, Holly. Cara was having a lunch out with a group of friends […]

Baby Sleep Products and Aids …..What Do You Really Need? 

mother walking with daughter next to beach

Written By Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant, Helen Farmer. Now, I’m no social media influencer. I wish I was!  However, as a sleep consultant, it’s no surprise that I am constantly scrolling through sleep-related social media forums and pages and I can’t miss the vast array of sleep aids and products that are out there these days […]

Sleep Talking with Lucy Piper

sleep talking with the sleep nanny podcast picture

This week I am ‘Sleep Talking’ with friend of mine and TV presenter Lucy Piper. Lucy and I met working on The Baby Show which she has presented for 16 years, and she has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of pregnancy, labour and becoming a mum. Lucy loves all things baby and has […]

Sleep Talking with Jenni Dunman – Daisy First Aid

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This week I am Sleep Talking with Jenni Dunman of Daisy First Aid.   Prior to creating her business, Jenni was a police officer in London and experienced a vast number of real first aid emergencies including treating casualties at Edgware Road tube station during its bombing in 2005.    In 2014 Jenni (mum of 3 to Daisy aged 12, Lottie […]

Sleep Talking with Ashley Wilson @amothersedit

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This week I am Sleep Talking with Ashley Wilson, Instagram star and founder of the fashion and lifestyle site.  She is mum to 2 beautiful girls Vivienne and Margot. Ashley started her successful website and Instagram when her eldest daughter was just one, and has since loved growing it into the fashionable mothers online […]

Sleep Talking with Jools Oliver….

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This week I am ‘Sleep Talking with…’ the amazing Jools Oliver! Jools is a busy mum to five kids, Poppy Honey, 18, Daisy Boo, 17, Petal Blossom, 11, and Buddy Bear, nine, as well as three-year-old River Rocket.   She is wife to TV chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver. I first spoke to Jools over a year […]