Anxious Kids

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Does your little one seem more anxious than other children? Do things seem to worry them a bit more than others?

If so, your child may also experience unsettled and disrupted sleep. There are a number of things that you can do to help your child manage their worries and ease these effects at bedtime.

  • Let your little one share and unload, let them talk it out. Use open ended questions and make sure there are no distractions. Ask questions about their day. The focus doesn’t have to be specifically about the worries, just giving them a platform and your attention is enough.
  • Be aware of what their little ears are picking up on. It could be having the news on in the background or in the car or adults having a conversation near them. They can pick up little things that can cause even subconscious nerves or worries.
  • Have a calm time before your bedtime routine even begins.  Schedule this into your daytime activity, and make sure it’s a screen free time – Perhaps a game, puzzles or books. This will open the door for conversation and sharing at an age appropriate level.
  • Make sure you have a calming step within the bedtime routine. Take some time to do something relaxing and calming like a bath, shower or some meditation.  A calm story is always a great way to relax your little one, no matter what their age.

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